Payment method, shipping fee, delivery

■→in Japan's case
■→For overseas


■Payment Method
Paypal credit payment Japan Post Bank transfer Product cash on delivery etc. Transfer fees and cash on delivery fees are to be borne by the customer.担となります)


■Payment Methods
Paypal, credit card payment, etc. (The customer is responsible for handling fees, etc.)


■ Shipping method
We will determine the size of the product and ship it from Yamato Transport's Nekopos/Takkyubin Compact/Takkyubin.If you would like to use other delivery methods, please contact us in advance.い。


■Shipping method
EMS is used for overseas delivery


■ Delivery time

Ships within 2 weeks of order。
Arrived 23 days after shipping着(Subject to change due to weather conditions, etc.)


■Delivery time
Ships within 2 weeks of order.
Please allow 14-30 days for international shipping.


■ Shipping fee / cash on delivery

All products are free shipping within Japan。
If you wish to have the item cash on delivery, a cash on delivery fee of 500 yen will be added.す


■Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery is not available for international shipments


■Japan Post transfer / bank transfer
Make payment for the productWe will ship as soon as confirmed.。
When making a deposit, please use the account specified below.。
※Please note that if payment cannot be confirmed within 7 days after ordering, the order may be canceled.い。

■Bank account for transfer

●Transfer from Japan Post Bank
Japan Post Bank 17060-09069191
Ansheya Project

●Transfer from other banks
Japan Post Bank branch name 708八)
Normal 0906919
Ansheya Project

※Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.。


Shipping charges
Overseas delivery will incur an additional charge.


Region 1 (China, Korea, Taiwan)

Region 2 (Asia excluding China, Korea and Taiwan)

Region 3 (Oceania, North America (excluding the US), Middle East, Europe)

Region 4 (United States of America, including overseas territories such as Guam)

Region 5 (Central America and the West Indies, South America, Africa)


If payment cannot be confirmed within 7 days of your order, the order will be cancelled.
Please note that your order will be cancelled.