Payment method, shipping fee, delivery

■Payment Method
Paypal credit payment Japan Post Bank transfer Product cash on delivery etc. Transfer fees and cash on delivery fees are to be borne by the customer.担となります)

■Payment Methods
Paypal, credit card payment, etc. (The customer is responsible for handling fees, etc.)

■ Shipping method
We will determine the size of the product and ship it from Yamato Transport's Nekopos/Takkyubin Compact/Takkyubin.If you would like to use other delivery methods, please contact us in advance.い。

■Shipping method
EMS is used for overseas delivery

■ Estimated delivery

Ships within 2 weeks of ordering。
Arrived 23 days after shipping着(Subject to change due to weather conditions, etc.)

■Delivery time
Ships within 2 weeks of order.
Please allow 14-30 days for international shipping.

■ Shipping fee / cash on delivery
Free shipping on all products within Japan。
If you wish to have the item cash on delivery, a cash on delivery fee of 500 yen will be added.す

■Shipping charges / Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery is not available for international shipments

※Cash on delivery payment is only available within Japan.。
※Additional charges will apply for overseas shipping。

・Region 1 China South Korea Taiwan、台湾)

・Region 2 Asia Excluding China, South Korea, and Taiwan湾を除く))

・Region 3 Oceania North America Middle East Europe excluding the United States、ヨーロッパ)

・Region 4: Includes overseas territories such as Guam in the United Statesを含む))

・Region 5 Central America and West Indies South America Africaフリカ)

 Cash on delivery is available only within Japan.
Overseas delivery will incur an additional charge.

Region 1 (China, Korea, Taiwan)

Region 2 (Asia excluding China, Korea and Taiwan)

Region 3 (Oceania, North America (excluding the US), Middle East, Europe)

Region 4 (United States of America, including overseas territories such as Guam)

Region 5 (Central America and the West Indies, South America, Africa)



■Japan Post transfer / bank transfer

Make payment for the productWe will ship it as soon as it is confirmed.。
When making a deposit, please use the account specified below.。

※If payment cannot be confirmed within 7 days after placing your order,、
  Please note that this will be canceled.。

■Bank account for transfer

●Transfer from Japan Post Bank
Japan Post Bank 17060-09069191
Ansheya Project

●Transfer from other banks
Japan Post Bank branch name 708八)
Normal 0906919
Ansheya Project

※The transfer fee is to be borne by the customer.。

If payment cannot be confirmed within 7 days of your order, the order will be canceled.
Please note that your order will be canceled if payment is not confirmed within 7 days of placing your order.