anshare started quietly in 2008 at an old private house in Oroku, Naha City.した。

At first, we did not sell products, but only sold items made by craftsmen who are active in Okinawa as an online select shop.けでした。

After a lot of trial and error, participating in an Okinawa product exhibition outside the prefecture and setting up a shop in Yaese Town, it is on the path of Kokusai-dori.にあるUkishima-dori Calmed down。

During this time、I wanted to experience the work of a craftsman directly, and the staff made leather products, which led me to switch to a leather shop later.かけis。

I learned that the leather camera strap made in the hands-on classroom is durable and familiar enough to be used, and the item of leather, whose color changes over time, is an interesting material that not only lasts a long time but also changes its facial expression.知ったのです。

After that, while selling items from other craftsmen, if I was satisfied with it, I started to sell my own leather products at the store.した。

As I was absorbed in the production of leather work, new products were born one after another, and the inside of the store was unknowinglyにかThe number of self-made items increased more than select products, and anshare was born as a leather shop.のです。

Starting from an amateur experience class, we succeeded in improving the quality of the product while acquiring knowledge and skills, and now we can recommend the product to our customers with pride in our technical capabilities.ます。

We hope that those who are new to anshare products and those who have learned about the history of this site will receive our thoughts.ます。

anshare Origin of the word Anshaya由来

anshare is an Okinawan dialect that is a pun on the meaning of tomorrow.前です。

This is a greeting that is used only in close relationships and means that we will meet each other in good spirits.挨拶 is。

We will serve customers with such an ideal in the relationship where customers and staff can talk with each other.だきます。

Anshare mainly deals with wallets, and the biggest feature is that you can select parts and make custom-made products.す。) 

brathess Origin of the word brass由来

Thanks to youanshare opened brathess as the second store on the same Ukishima-dori, a big change from the original select shopし、Now that the store is mainly made of leather and brass, brathess and the second store are named by combining brass brass and leather leather.付けました。

Unlike anshare, we handle all kinds of leather products. Bags, accessories, smartphone cases, etc. You can enjoy the products carefully created by the staff one by one.ただけます。)

What we value

Our staff values the distance from our customers above all else.。 We do not just make products, but we carry out production work with the image that customers actually use it.す。

In anshare, the scale of the shop is small and the scenery where the staff is actually working is common, and in brathess, the sewing machine is laid out at the entrance of the shop so that the creator's face can be seen without entering the shop.ました。

We want to create a store with an atmosphere that can reach the faces and personality of our creators because it is an era when people tend to be far from each other.たい。

I want to be a shop where customers can feel free to consult。

We believe that making customers smile when they get what they make is the greatest social contribution we can make.す。 Therefore, we will strive to always meet the needs of our customers while facing manufacturing sincerely every day.ます。

About the relationship between staff

We are building a relationship where we can exchange opinions on anything. We have a place where we can speak equally regardless of age, position, or work history.ています。

For example, if there is any opinion from the customer, we try to give feedback from the staff, so the speed of reflecting the request in the product is different. Of course, it is utilized not only for the product but also for customer service.されます。

In order to create an open workplace, we will continue to actively incorporate the opinions of our customers without failing to communicate with each other.ます。

also、We promise to spare no effort to improve our knowledge and technical capabilities and strive to deliver better products to our customers.す。

Store information

There is a store on Ukishima-dori in Naha City, Okinawa Prefectureます。
You can see the work scenery at any time during business hours。
Please come and visit usい。


〒900-0014 2-12-8 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
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Business hours 10: 30 ~ 20: 000
Regular holiday Wednesday日
instagram @anshare_leather

〒900-0014 2-5-33 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
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Business hours 10: 30 ~ 20: 000
Regular holiday Wednesday日
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History of Ukishima-dori

Naha was called a floating island because it was an island floating in the bay during the Ryukyu dynasty.が誕生しています。

The name was given 50 years ago, and the history is short. From that time, a pharmacy was opened in a hardware store, a barber shop, and a shoe store, and it developed as a commercial town.きました。

Today, the fashion gourmet neighborhood is crowded with locals and tourists, including public markets.ます。

Anshare is a renovated shop that was originally a dry cleaner, and its old-fashioned appearance is very unique. It is also recommended to take a walk while thinking about the situation at that time.です。