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Camera strap double ring (medium size)

Camera strap double ring (medium size)

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A camera strap suitable for professional SLR cameras such as full size cameras.

Overall length 100-146 cm, thickness 4.5 cm, belt 2 cm) Recommended as a professional (full size) camera strap.

There is also a name-entry service.
The price does not change even if you enter the name.

"Engraving"to put in a block body,
You can choose the"branding iron"that you put in cursive.
It is recommended to include not only the name but also anniversaries such as birthdays.

Uses oil leather tanned with vegetable tannins, which becomes more delicious as you use it in high quality. As thick as 35mm, it is less tiring even when used for a long time.

The tape that connects to the camera is 1 cm, which is a size that can be used for beginner cameras, so it is a camera strap that is recommended for anyone who is concerned about the burden on the neck, such as a telephoto lens.

Since brass is used for the metal fittings, you can enjoy aging like leather.

* Limited colors are also available.
Click here for details.

For color custom, go to Instagram DM ← Click here

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