For long-term use

●Is daily maintenance required?
→ Contains a lot of oil so no daily maintenance is requiredす
  If you feel that it has become dry, please apply leather oil to replenish the oil content.。

●It got rubbed
→ If it is a light scratch, rubbing it lightly with your fingers will make the scratch less noticeable.す。
  Applying leather oil or brushing is also effective.す。

●I want to prevent rain stains and color transfer stains in advance.たい
→ Please use a waterproof spray.We recommend spraying at least 30 minutes before going out.す。

●I want to prevent mold from occurring.た
→ 『Columbus Leather Cure Mold Mistト』We recommend care at。

●It got dirty
→ Please use a leather cleaner. Minor stains may come off with an eraser.す。

●I want it repaired
Inquiry formPlease feel free to contact us for more information.。

Precautions for use

・There is a risk of color transfer onto clothing etc. due to friction or exposure to water.

・Leaving it wet may cause water stains and cracks.。
 Wipe the entire area as quickly as possible with a damp cloth and dry in the shade.さい。
 Afterwards, before it dries, apply leather oil to replenish the oil content.い。

・Store in a well-ventilated place to prevent mold from forming.し、
 Please use it moderately or wipe it dry regularly.い。
 If it feels dry, apply some leather oil.。

About leather

The leather is slowly tanned using tannins extracted from plants.し、
It takes more time to soak in the oil.。

The lustrous and rich expression is created using traditional methods.。
Enjoy the natural aging of leather that increases with use.い。

About the characteristics of natural leather

Like human skin, leather has its own individuality.。
Please enjoy its uniqueness as a proof of natural materials.い。

●Wrinkles from tiger neck to shouldersワ


●Scars from healed wounds such as puncture wounds and cuts痕