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Detachable wallet

Detachable wallet

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⚠️名入れ等のご要望はカート内のメモに記入してください ⚠️Please enter your personalization request or any other remarks in the notes in the cart.

About name engraving

anshare allows you to add your name to the leather product of your choice.

Name engraving using a baked pen

Cursive letters are written on the surface of the leather using a tool called a"burning pen"whose tip is heated to nearly 400 degrees Celsius.

When purchasing a product from an online shop, please fill in the details in the"Requests for personalization/remarks"in the cart.




Recommended point 1
【Attaching and detaching the storage pocket】

「chaku datsuu」The storage pocket inside is removable.。
To set it up, just put the pocket in your wallet and insert it.す。



Recommended point 2
【Pocket types and combinations】

The pocket iscoin pocketandcard pocketof2 typesWe have prepared them for you, so please attach the necessary pockets according to your TPO.い。
The number of pockets that can be stored in the main body is up to 2.。

【Example of use】




The combination of coin pocket and card pocket、5 patternsthere is。

1 body coin pocketット
Only the minimum necessary cash and cards
Example: a short outing, drinking party飲み会


2 body card pocketsット
No need to carry coins, just bills and cardsみ。
example wedding restaurantトラン


3 body coin pocket card pocketケット
Half of the payments are made by cash cardに。
Style suitable for a wide range of occasions。


4 body coin pockets coin pocketケット
Main style of cash person。
Recommended for those who usually pay in cash
Example trip shoppingピング


5 body card pocket card pocketケット
Main cashless style。
Recommended for those who usually use electronic money or card payments。




Recommended points 3
【Compact yet large capacity!】

【When you put a long wallet in your pants pocket, it sticks out, but with chaku datsu it fits perfectly.収まります。


【Long wallets take up space when you put them in your bag, but chaku datsu fits compactly.収まります。



Recommended points 4
【Thoroughly reduce waste in storage areas!】

Most long wallets have deep coin pockets and are designed to store cards one by one side by side.As a result, coins naturally accumulate and cards are stored to fill the empty pockets, so inevitably the wallet will expandきます。

「chaku datsu coin pocketトはremove extra space、Designed to be compact by making the bottom shallow.。

Also, the card section of long wallets takes up a lot of space because they are stored one by one, but chaku datsu has a design that allows you to store them all at once.にしました。


「Frequently used cards are on the top段to、「Cards that rarely appear are grouped together at the bottom.段Access to frequently used cards is now much faster.のです。


「chaku datsu Attention to detailわり


The width of the vertical stitching is determined so that the pocket fits securely into the wallet.す。

The thickness of each part is finely adjusted to maintain the thinness of the entire product.す。

There is free space between each pocket so you can store bills and receipt cards together.ます。

●About the structure of the coin pocket
The pocket part is designed to be shallow enough to fit a 500 yen coin for ease of viewing and taking out.If you close the zipper, the coins will not fall out.When storing multiple coins at the same time, twist them vertically.入れます。

●About the structure of the card pocket

There is a triangular hole that eliminates jams to make it easier to remove the card.す。


The material is Italian tannery『La Perla Azzurra La Perla Azzurraラ)社』の【We use leather called Amazonia.す。

Amazonia is a pull-up oil leather that is soaked with more oil than oil leather, and its surface color changes when you press or bend it with your fingers.す。

This is called a pull-up effect, and the color change is caused by the movement of oil inside the leather.す。

As you use it, it will develop a better texture.、It can be said that this leather is perfect for the wallet that you usually carry.。

This is the change over time after the staff actually used Camel for one and a half years.化です。

3,YKK zipper

The zipper, which is the key to ease of use, uses YKK material, which is known for its durability, so that it opens and closes smoothly and firmly.用しました。
The handle is large enough to be easily grasped and has a shape that makes it easy to attach your favorite keychain etc.す。




Product name chaku datsutsu」

Size Height 10.5cm Width 10.5cm Thickness 2cm Not storedm(未収納)

Internal capacity:
card pocket×card for 12 sheetsCan be stored up to。
coin pocket×card for 11 sheetThe coin is up toは15 piecesCan be stored up to。
Combine with the main bodySo the card isApproximately 20 piecesCan be stored。

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