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⚠️名入れ等のご要望はカート内のメモに記入してください ⚠️Please enter your personalization request or any other remarks in the notes in the cart.

A small tap pattern is applied to the delicate ring to give it an elegant sparkle.

It is also popular for its use as a pinky ring and for showing it in combination with other rings. It is also recommended to use it as a pairing.

Brass has a gold layer 100 times that of gold plating and has a smooth and deep shine. .
In addition, it contains almost no substances that are generally prone to allergies. .

Gold plating wears the plating layer in less than a year, but gold filled has a thick layer, so it hardly peels off even after long-term use.

* If you can describe the size in the memo column, the order will be smooth.

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