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Double-wound round buckle

Double-wound round buckle

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It is a product named as it is, with a cute brass buckle and double leather.

It has an outstanding presence in the season when the skin is exposed, and its delicate design makes it suitable for both men and women.

It is a product created by combining thin leather with the metal fittings for the camera strap, and the bracelet is finished in an exquisite balance.

If you turn the buckle outward, it will have an impact, and if you turn it inward, you can make a casual appeal.

The size can be adjusted and it is available in two sizes, men's and women's, so it is also recommended as a pair bracelet for couples.

Size notation
For the smallest S size:14 cm
For the longest:17 cm

M size
Minimum:16 cm
Longest case:19 cm

Color custom to Instagram DM

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