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German hook pouch large

German hook pouch large

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[Just the right bag to carry the bare minimum of things]

When carrying the bare essentials, if it's too small, it won't have enough capacity, and if it's too big, it will get in the way.

This shoulder bag is the perfect size to store essential items such as your wallet, smartphone, key case, handkerchief, etc.

Uses snap-fastening German hooks that securely secure even when storing a lot of items.

Brass metal fittings are accented and blend into fashion as an item with particular attention to detail.

Height 12cm Width 22cm Width 7cm
Strap 105cm

【Just the right bag for the bare necessities】

If it is too small, it does not have enough capacity when carrying the bare minimum, and if it is too large, it gets in the way.

This shoulder bag is just the right size to hold your wallet, phone, key case, handkerchief, and other essential items you carry.

It uses a German hook with a snap closure system that keeps it securely in place even when storing a lot of items

The brass hardware accentuates the bag and makes it blend in with your fashion sense as an item with special attention to detail.

Height 12cm, width 22cm, width 7cm
Strap 105cm

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