Mini wallet

Color: CAMEL

It is almost the same size as the card size. You can store all the minimum necessary items. The design is as simple as possible to maintain a large capacity and slim shape.

All cards, coins and bills can be stored. It fits in your shirt's chest pocket.

It fits in a small bag. Recommended for those who want to keep their luggage to a minimum when actively moving, such as going out or traveling.

It has been a standard product since the early days of anshare and has been popular from the beginning, but by matching with the times, demand has expanded significantly with the shift to cashless payments.


length6cm width9cm

Storage guide
8 cards

▪︎How to use

Store coins in the middle pocket. Store the card on the left side. There is a bill on the right side. Fold the bill in three.

The pocket part of the coin has a tubular shape. You can take out coins just by pinching them with your fingers.