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Mini wallet

Mini wallet

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small wallet that fits in the palm of your hand

Now cashless is progressing and electronic payment is now possible.た。

Mini wallets are specialized for storing the minimum necessary items such as cards and bills and coins.す。

very simple inside


There are 3 rooms when you open the zipper。

Central pocket is a coin purse。

Store cards and bills separately on the left and right sides of the coin pocket.。

Bills are folded in three and stored

It is possible to store it in four folds, but the thickness increases accordingly.す。


A feeling of size that the card fits perfectly

We repeated prototypes and designed them according to the card size.た。

Change in the central pocket

When the zipper is closed, the coins are designed to prevent them from scattering in other rooms.。

I actually stored


Height 6cm / Width 9cm / / thickness 1cmm

▪︎Estimated storage

5 cards枚

10 coins枚

4 bills枚


Uses Italian cowhide oil leather用。

It contains a lot of oil, and the luster increases with use.す。

▪︎Color custom to DM on Instagram←From here

▪︎We accept name engraving service。

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