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anshare is an Italian leather brand from Okinawaす。
We make leather products that combine Italian leather with carefully selected domestic cowhide brass fittings.す。
Starting with small items such as wallets and key cases
From design to production finishing, we consistently perform and tailor it to a natural and beautiful shape.ます。
At the atelier shop near Kokusai Street in Naha City, you can shop while watching the actual manufacturing process.す。


origin of anshare
anshare was quietly started in 2008 in an old private house in Oroku, Naha City.した。

We did not sell any products there, and at first we only sold items made by craftsmen who are active in Okinawa as an online select shop.けでした。

After repeated trial and error, participating in Okinawa product exhibitions outside the prefecture and setting up a shop in Yaese Town, it is located on Kokusai Street.にあるUkishima Street settled down to。

the other day、Wanting to experience the craftsman's work first-hand, the staff made leather goods, which later turned into a leather shop.かけis。

The leather camera strap that I made in the hands-on class is durable, and the more I use it, the more I get used to it. I learned that leather is an interesting material that not only lasts a long time, but also changes its appearance.知ったのです。

After that, while selling items made by other craftsmen, if I was satisfied with the results, I began to display my own leather products in the store.した。

While immersed in the production of leatherwork, new products were born one after another, and the store was unnoticed.にかAs the number of self-made items increased rather than select products, anshare was born as a leather shop.のです。

We started with hands-on classes for amateurs, and as we acquired knowledge and skills, we succeeded in improving the quality of our products, and now we can recommend our products to our customers with pride in our technical capabilities.ます。

We hope that both those who are new to anshare products and those who have learned about our history through this site will receive our thoughts.ます。

Origin of the word anshare ansheya由来

Anshare is a pun on Ansheya, which means tomorrow again in the Okinawan dialect.前です。

This is a greeting that is only used on a close relationship and means that we will meet again in good health.挨拶 is。

We will serve customers with such an ideal in a relationship where customers and staff can say that they are safe.だきます。

Anshare mainly deals with wallets, and the biggest feature is that you can choose the parts and make a custom-made product.す。) 

brathess Origin of the word brass由来

Thanks to youanshare opened brathess as its second store on Ukishima Street.し、Now that it has become a store that mainly sells leather and brass, the second store was named brathess, combining brass brass and leather.付けました。

Unlike anshare, we handle all kinds of leather products. You can enjoy bag accessories, smartphone cases, and other products carefully crafted by our staff.ただけます。)

what we value

Our staff values the distance with our customers more than anything else.。 We don't just make products, but we carry out production work with the image that customers will actually use them.す。

At anshare, the shop is small and you can see the staff actually working. Brathess has a sewing machine laid out at the entrance of the shop so that you can see the faces of the creators without entering the shop.ました。

We want to create a shop with an atmosphere where our faces and personality voices can be heard, because we live in an age when people tend to get distant from each other.たい。

We want to be a shop where customers can feel free to consult。

We believe that the greatest contribution we can make to society is to make customers smile when they receive our products.す。 For that reason, we strive to always meet the needs of our customers while facing manufacturing with sincerity every day.ます。

Relations between staff

We have built a relationship where we can exchange opinions about anything.ています。

For example, if a customer has an opinion, we try to get feedback from the staff, so the speed at which the request is reflected in the product is different.されます。

In order to create an open workplace, we will continue to actively incorporate customer opinions without neglecting communication between staff.ます。

again、We promise to spare no effort to improve our knowledge and technical skills to deliver better products to our customers.す。

Store information

There is a store on Ukishima Street in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture.ます。
You can see the work scenery at any time during business hours。
Please come and visit usい。


〒900-0014 2-12-8 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
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Business hours 10:30~20:000
Regular holiday Wednesday日
instagram @anshare_leather

〒900-0014 2-5-33 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
View on Google Maps
Business hours 10:30~20:000
Regular holiday Wednesday日

History of Ukishima Street

During the Ryukyu Dynasty, Naha was called Ukishima because it was an island floating in the bay. After the war, the first hotel in Naha city was named Ukishima, which is the origin of the current Ukishima Street.が誕生しています。

The name was given 50 years ago, so the history is short, and from that time, hardware stores, barbers, shoe stores, pharmacies, etc. were opened, and it developed as a commercial town.きました。

Nowadays, the fashion gourmet neighborhood is crowded with locals and tourists, such as the public market.ます。

Anshare is a shop that was originally a dry cleaning shop and has been refurbished, and its aged appearance is very unique.です。


■Payment Method
Paypal credit card Yucho transfer bank transfer担となります)

■Payment Methods
Paypal, credit card payments, etc.(The customer is responsible for handling fees, etc.)

■ Shipping method
Nekoposu/Takkyubin Compact/Takkyubin will be sent according to the size of the product.。

■Shipping method
EMS is used for overseas delivery

■ Estimated delivery
Ships within 1 week from order。
It will take 810 days for the product to arrive.す。

■Delivery time
Ships within 1 week of order.
Please allow 14-30 days for international shipping.

■ postage / cash on delivery
Free shipping for all products within Japan。
If you wish to cash on delivery, a cash on delivery fee of 500 yen will be added.す

■Shipping charges / Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery is not available for international shipments

※Cash on delivery payment is available only in Japan。
※Additional charges apply for overseas delivery。

・Region 1 China South Korea Taiwan、台湾)

・2nd region Asia except China, South Korea, Taiwan湾を除く))

・Region 3 Oceania North America Middle East Europe excluding the United States、ヨーロッパ)

・Region 4 Including overseas territories such as Guam, United States of Americaを含む))


 Cash on delivery is available only within Japan.
Overseas delivery will incur an additional charge.

Region 1 (China, Korea, Taiwan)

Region 2 (Asia excluding China, Korea and Taiwan)
2,500 yen

Region 3 (Oceania, North America (excluding the US), Middle East, Europe)
3,850 yen

Region 4 (United States of America, including overseas territories such as Guam)
4,200 yen

Region 5 (Central America and the West Indies, South America, Africa)
4,550 yen



■Postal transfer / bank transfer

Payment of product priceWe will ship it as soon as it is confirmed。
Please make the payment to the bank account specified below.。

※If payment cannot be confirmed within 7 days after ordering、
  Please note that it will be canceled。

■Bank account of transfer destination

●Transfer from Japan Post Bank
Japan Post Bank 17060-09069191
Ansheya Project

●Transfer from other bank
Japan Post Bank branch name 708八)
Normal 0906919
Ansheya Project

※Please pay the transfer fee at the customer's expense.。

If payment cannot be confirmed within 7 days of your order, the order will be cancelled.
Please note that your order will be canceled if payment is not confirmed within 7 days of placing your order.


Free name engraving.

At anshare, we offer a service where you can put your original name on the product after you purchase it.

Using a tool called a “baked pen,” whose nib is heated to nearly 400 degrees Celsius, the surface of the leather is scorched as the characters are engraved.
In addition to names, we also accept requests such as anniversaries, initials, and favorite words. If you are in a store, please ask the staff, and if you are purchasing a product on our website, please fill in the details in the"Special notes for the store"column.


For long-term usePrecautions for useAbout leatherAbout the individuality of natural leather

For long-term use

●Do you need daily care?
→ Daily maintenance is not required as it contains a lot of oil.す
  If you feel that it has become bulky, apply leather oil to replenish the oil content.。

●I got scratched
→ If it is a light scratch, lightly rub it with your fingers to make the scratch less noticeable.す。
  Applying leather oil or brushing is also effective.す。

●I want to prevent rain stains and color transfer stains in advanceたい
→ Please use a waterproof spray Spraying up to 30 minutes before going out is recommendedす。

●I want to prevent mold.た
→ 『Columbus Leather Cure Mildew Mistト』We recommend care at。

●got dirty
→ Use a leather cleaner. Minor stains can be removed with an eraser.す。

●want it repaired
Inquiry formPlease feel free to contact us。

Precautions for use

・There is a risk of color transfer to clothes due to friction or water wetness.

・Leaving it wet may cause water stains and cracks.。
 Wipe off as soon as possible with a cloth that has been tightly wrung out with water and dry in the shade.さい。
 After that, apply oil for leather and replenish the oil content before it completely dries.。

・Store in a well-ventilated place to prevent mold growth.し、
 Please use it moderately or dry it in the shade several times a year.い。
 At that time, if it is dry, apply leather oil.Do not apply too much.す)。

About leather

The leather is slowly tanned using tannins extracted from plants.し、
I spend more time letting the oil soak in.。

Glossy and rich expression is made by traditional manufacturing method.。
Please enjoy the leather-like secular change that increases the more you use it.い。

About the individuality of natural leather

Just like human skin, leather has its own personality.。
Please enjoy its individuality as proof of natural materials.い。

●Tiger neck to shoulder wrinklesワ


●Healed scars from puncture wounds and cuts痕



■ Inquiries by phone


■ Inquiries by email