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Camera strap classic (small size)

Camera strap classic (small size)

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⚠️名入れ等のご要望はカート内のメモに記入してください ⚠️Please enter your personalization request or any other remarks in the notes in the cart.

About name engraving

anshare allows you to add your name to the leather product of your choice.

Name engraving using a baked pen

Cursive letters are written on the surface of the leather using a tool called a"burning pen"whose tip is heated to nearly 400 degrees Celsius.

When purchasing a product from an online shop, please fill in the details in the"Requests for personalization/remarks"in the cart.

■ Nume leather material camera strap (S size)
A camera strap suitable for point-and-shoot cameras and lightweight SLR beginners.

Uses oil leather tanned with vegetable tannins, which becomes more delicious as you use it in high quality.
The thickest part is 30 mm. By sandwiching the core material that is also used for the lining of bags, it feels good on the neck and is less tiring even when used for a long time. The lining is made of chrome-tanned soft leather that is soft and resistant to sweat stains.

This camera strap was the first product that anshare commercialized, and it was born from using a camera as a hobby.

Uses chrome tanned leather that is strong against rain stains.
It is designed to withstand a hard environment. The tape connected to the camera is 1 cm, but it can be changed to 8 mm if desired. Recommended for those who can't find a fashionable leather camera strap for point-and-shoots.

Since brass is used for the metal fittings, you can enjoy aging like leather.
You can also enter your name with a branding iron (cursive) or engraving (block).

* Limited colors are also available.
Click here for details.

For color custom, go to Instagram DM ← Click here

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