About anshare leather

Leather used for accessories such as wallets and key cases

Name AMAZZONIA / Amazoniaニア』
Manufactured by La Perla Azzurra / La Perla Azzurra Italyイタリア)
Tanned vegetable tanned vachetta manufacturing method製法)
Dyeing Dye finish Core dyeing染め
Finishing shrink processing pull-up processing加工


Italy is located in the Santa Croce regionLa Perla AzzurraThis is a shoulder leather with a pull-up feature produced by the company.す。

The grained leather is shrink-processed and is coated with wax, then pressed during back processing, resulting in a silver surface with a slightly grainy appearance.特徴。

The expression that has both a deep presence and an elegant atmosphere is loved by all generations.す。

The leather is vegetable tanned and dyed, and the vachetta method is used to make it oil-rich, so the more you use it, the more it changes color and takes on a natural luster.You can enjoy the leather as it changes over time.る革です。

Amazonia: Camel Difference between new and 2 and a half year old


What is pull-up leather?

The drums are carefully soaked in oil and then processed into drums over several hours.し、
Leather that has been treated to allow oil to penetrate deep into it.。

When bending or pulling the leather
The oil inside moves within the fibers and changes the color of the leather surface.。

The color of the bent part is changing.

Because it is soaked with oil over time, it is moist and the more you use it, the softer it feels in your hands.み、
The color deepens and the luster increases over time, which is very attractive. ​

Because it contains a large amount of oil、
Daily care requires simple brushing


Leather used in bags, etc.

Manufactured by Horween / Horween Americaリカ)
Tanning combination tanningし
Dyeing Colored dye finish hill-dyed tea core(茶芯)
finishing pull upsプ

Bag made with Chrome Excel tulip


This cowhide is manufactured by Horween, a company located in Chicago, USA, founded in 1905.。

The leather has been soaked in an original blend of oils and fats using a manufacturing method that has remained unchanged for over 90 years, resulting in a chewy, heavy and durable leather.います。

One of the charms of this leather is that it contains plenty of oil and fat, so you can enjoy the color discoloration when pulled up.Black does not discolor.けしません)

Only the surface of the leather is dyed, so it is recognized as tea core leather because it is dyed without any base dyeing.認知されています。


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