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mini plump

mini plump

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Small and simple key case made of vegetable tanned cowhideス。
The more you use it, the darker and deeper the color changes, and you can feel the leather growing.す。
It is a popular leather accessory for both men and women because you can put your keys together in a small size.す。
It is made so that the rounded form is maintained even when the key is stored.す。



1. Insert a flathead screwdriver from the front side of the mounting bracket and take out the rodます。


2. Pass the key through the rod and insert it into the main unit and reinstall it.す。

・Capacity 4 normal size keys can be storedです。


・Size Width 3.8cm Height 7.5cmcm
・Material: Nume Leather Oil leather is used. It is a hard and durable material that gets used to the more you use it.素材です。
The clasp holder is made of brass with an antique feel.用。


・We accept name engraving service。

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