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mini plump

mini plump

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⚠️名入れ等のご要望はカート内のメモに記入してください ⚠️Please enter your personalization request or any other remarks in the notes in the cart.

About name engraving

anshare allows you to add your name to the leather product of your choice.

Name engraving using a baked pen

Cursive letters are written on the surface of the leather using a tool called a"burning pen"whose tip is heated to nearly 400 degrees Celsius.

When purchasing a product from an online shop, please fill in the details in the"Requests for personalization/remarks"in the cart.

A small and simple key case made from vegetable tanned cowhide.ス。

The more you use it, the darker and deeper the color changes and you can feel the leather grow.す。
This leather accessory is popular among both men and women because it allows you to keep your keys together in a small size.す。
It is designed to maintain its rounded shape even when storing keys.す。


・How to install


1. Insert a flathead screwdriver from the front side of the mounting bracket and remove the rod.ます。


2. Pass the key through the rod and insert it into the main unit and reinstall it.す。



・Size Width 3.8cm Height 7.5cmcm

・Can hold 4 bottles (normal size)場合)

・Material: Tanned oiled leather is a hard and durable material that gets used the more you use it.素材です。
The clasp holder part uses brass that gives it an antique look.用。

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