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Spring croaker coin case

Spring croaker coin case

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A coin purse that can be taken out in the shortest time

A palm-sized coin case。

Spring metal fittings

The biggest feature is the metal fittings。It has a structure that opens smoothly when you grab it from both ends.す。

It is easy to see because it opens wide and it is easy to take out because the bottom is shallow.す。

I actually stored it

There are 5 colors in total




brown brown




Length 6.5 cm / Width 9 cm /Thickness 0.8 cm

▪︎Storage guide

2030 coins枚


Uses Italian cowhide oil leather用。

It contains a lot of oil and its color and luster will increase with use.す。

Color custom to Instagram DM←From here

▪︎We accept name entry service。

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