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Money clip (no coin purse)

Money clip (no coin purse)

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Thin wallet representative

This is a slim wallet with a thickness of less than 1cm.。


Banknote storage

Open the central metal fitting, set the banknotes, and close the metal fitting.す。



save banknotes

By folding the banknotes and inserting them into the retainer on the right side, you can prevent the banknotes from spreading out every time you open the money clip.す。



take out banknotes

Pick up the required number as if you were counting bills.。

Slide it to the top and remove it.。



Holds 10 cards

3 cards on the left

2 pieces on the back

5 pieces can be stored on the opposite side。



I actually tried storing it.


Height 8.55cm / Width 11.55cm / Thickness 0.99cm



Height: 8.5cm / Width: 11.5cm / Thickness: 0.9cm

▪︎Recommended content

card 10//    Bill 100

▪︎About the material

We use cowhide called Amazonia, which is made in the Santa Croce region of Italy.It is vegetable tanned and dyed, and the leather is well-oiled using the vachetta method, so the more you use it, the more it changes to a richer color and takes on a natural luster. This is a leather that you can fully enjoy as it changes over time.ける革です。

 The brass fittings will change to an antique texture the more you use them.It is a material that you can enjoy as the leather ages.す。

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