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Wallet (restaurant)

Wallet (restaurant)

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A wallet inspired by a restaurant

Storage of bills

Can be stored so as to hide the bill。

Even if you turn it upside down, it is difficult for the bill to fall, so you can carry it smartly so that it will not lose its shape even if you store it in the inner pocket of the suit.す。

At the time of checkout, turn over one piece of leather and take out the billます。

Large bills are stored in the back pocket or the back of the card pocket.す。

5 colors in total




brown brown



Vertical 9.5 cm / Width 19 cm / Thickness 0.8 cmcm

▪︎Storage guide

6 cards枚

1020 bills0枚


Uses Italian cowhide oil leather用。

It contains a lot of oil and its color and luster will increase with use.す。

Color custom to Instagram DM←From here

■We accept name entry service。

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