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This item is suitable for weddings, funerals, and ceremonial occasions. It is not decorated as much as possible, and it has a simple appearance and can be widely used.

Due to customer's request, we added it to the regular lineup due to its popularity because it was manufactured in full order.

It can be wrapped in a small gift bag or a gift bag with a large mizuhiki, so you can use it as many times as you like.

The pig suede on the inside gives it a luxurious feel.

▪︎ size

21 cm long and 12 cm wide (23.5 cm open)
Thickness 1 cm

▪︎ How to use

Simple usage just by wrapping a gift bag. It prevents the Shugi-bukuro and Mizuhiki from getting dirty. Or ... it might be a good idea to make it a camouflage that looks like a navel.

* Limited colors are also available. Learn from here.

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ペン先が400℃近く熱せられた ”焼きペン” という道具で、革の表面を焦しながら文字を掘っていきます。
名前以外にも記念日やイニシャル、お気に入りの言葉などのリクエストも受け付けております。 店頭ならスタッフへ、ホームページで商品をご購入の際には「ストアへの特記事項」の欄に詳細をご記入ください。