Bellows mini

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Appearance like a letter

A mini wallet that looks like a letter。

Bellows structure

Due to the bellows bellows structure, it is hard to lose its shape even if there are many things to store.ります。

The bill is in front

The bill can be stored by folding it in three.。

Card to the center

It is recommended that the card be in the center so that it does not hit the metal fittings so that it will not be scratched.す。

Coins go to the back

It is recommended to store coins in the back room. Since the button part is a flap, it is possible to turn the wallet upside down and receive coins.です。

There are 5 colors in total




brown brown



7.5 cm in heightm

11 cm wide 13.5 cm open)m)

Thickness 0.9 cmm

▪︎Storage guide

10 cards枚

10 coins枚

4 bills枚


Uses Italian cowhide oil leather用。

It contains a lot of oil and its color and luster will increase with use.す。

Color custom to Instagram DM←From here

▪︎We accept name entry service。





ペン先が400℃近く熱せられた ”焼きペン” という道具で、革の表面を焦しながら文字を掘っていきます。
名前以外にも記念日やイニシャル、お気に入りの言葉などのリクエストも受け付けております。 店頭ならスタッフへ、ホームページで商品をご購入の際には「ストアへの特記事項」の欄に詳細をご記入ください。