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Slide card case

Slide card case

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⚠️名入れ等のご要望はカート内のメモに記入してください ⚠️Please enter your personalization request or any other remarks in the notes in the cart.

Slide the bar at the bottom to reveal Shakin and cards.

And one by one, it will appear step by step. This is the new standard for the cashless era.

The table has a pocket for a commuter pass. One piece of very thinly processed leather is included.
Wrapping the card in leather and storing it there gives it a smart look. If you want to insert a card that you want to hide the contents of, such as a commuter case, on the front side, cover it with the dedicated cover.

This thickness holds a total of 9 cards.

size length 10cm
6cm wide

Color custom to DM of Instagram ← from here

▪︎ We accept name engraving service.

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