Slide card case

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Slide the bar at the bottom to get Shakin and the card.

Moreover , it appears one by one in stages. It is a new standard in the cashless era.

The table has a pocket for a commuter pass. It comes with a piece of very thinly processed leather.
Wrap the card in leather and store it there for a smart look. If you want to insert a card whose contents you want to hide, such as a regular insert, on the front side, cover it with the attached cover.

A total of 9 cards can be stored in this thickness .

Size length 10 cm
6 cm wide

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ペン先が400℃近く熱せられた ”焼きペン” という道具で、革の表面を焦しながら文字を掘っていきます。
名前以外にも記念日やイニシャル、お気に入りの言葉などのリクエストも受け付けております。 店頭ならスタッフへ、ホームページで商品をご購入の際には「ストアへの特記事項」の欄に詳細をご記入ください。