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Coin case name

Coin case name

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Coin purse with ring

It can also be attached to a belt loop or bag by using a hook.す。

By attaching a key chain or key without hanging it, you can carry the key and coins together.す。

Large cut and large capacity

Since the fastener is designed on the diagonal, the take-out cut will be greatly expanded.す。


You can store up to 50 coins。

5 colors in total




brown brown



vertical:7cm /beside:10cm /Thickness 1 cmm

▪︎Storage guide

40 to 50 coins枚

3 keys本


Uses Italian cowhide oil leather用。

It contains a lot of oil and its color and luster will increase with use.す。

Color custom to Instagram DM←From here


▪︎ We accept name entry service。


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