Square wallet


Hard to crease on bills

I want to make my wallet compact, but I don't want to make creases on my bill.

Normally, if you want to make it smaller, you have to fold the bill.

It is this square wallet that fulfills such seemingly contradictory selfishness.

Simple structure

One of the elements that makes a wallet compact is the placement of "bills / cards / coins".

Depending on this arrangement, the same contents can be thicker or thinner.

The square wallet has a structure in which bills are wrapped around a card and coins are stored on the right side.

Store coins as they are.

Store coins as they are.

There is no "coin purse pocket" compared to a normal wallet,The room itself has the role of a coin purse

If you close the zipper as it is, the coins will fall apart, but don't worry.

The partition leatherWhen the zipper is closed, it prevents coins from being scattered in other rooms.

Store the card in the middle.

Put the cards together in the middle pocket.

You can store 10 cards.

Bills are stored so as to surround them.

Store the bills so that they surround the pocket where the cards are stored.

There is a habit on the bill, butIt is hard to make creases.

There are 5 colors in total






Basically, you can choose from 5 colors, but you can change it to your favorite color scheme for free.

Click here for details.


Length 10.5 cm / Width 10 cm / Thickness 1.2 cm

■Storage guide

10 cards
20 coins
15 bills


The leather used is Italian leather Amazonia.
It contains a lot of oil, and its color and luster increase with use.

■How to use it

Put coin pockets on the right side, cards in the middle tubular part, and bills along the card storage part.。The left part can store receipts and bills that can be folded further.

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