Mini wallet


Small wallet that fits in the palm of your hand

Current cashless progresses, we will be able to electronic payment in the tablet.

Since the credit card can also be registered with the tablet, there is no need to carry around.

A mini wallet with just a few cards, a few coins, and a few bills.

The structure is very simple

When you open the zipper, there are 3 rooms.

Put coins in the middle pocket.

Insert cards and bills on the left and right, centering on the coin pocket.

Fold the bill in four

It can be stored even if it is folded in three, but considering the trouble of folding and opening it, it is recommended to fold it in four.

A feeling of size that the card fits perfectly

The mini wallet is about the size of a card

Since the number of cards becomes the strength as it is, inserting the cards separately on the left and right will help prevent the shape from getting out of shape.

It's as thin as possible, except for all unnecessary parts and features, so it won't be bulky in your pants pocket or shirt chest pocket.

Coins in the middle pocket

Coins will not be scattered in other rooms if you close the zipper on your wallet.

I tried to actually housed.

* The video is 15 seconds.

There are 5 colors






By making your wallet smaller, you can go out easily.

Why don't you take this opportunity to make your wallet smaller?

Uses Italian leather Amazonia.
It contains a lot of oil, and its color and luster increase with use.

Length: 6cm / Width: 9cm / Thickness: 1cm

▪︎Storage guide
8 cards / 15 coins / 5 bills

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